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Question Everything

Question Everything

This was another eery scene I came across while exploring the huge Cadillac Stamping Facility in Detroit. There were so many places to explore, even with 6 of us I think we all came back with shots that nobody else found or actually made it to. The building was so large you could wander for quite a time without any notion there were others in the building, and being so big one could not possibly explore every area in the time frame we were there.


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St. Agnes

One of our stops on the first afternoon of our Urbex adventure was the abandoned  St. Agnes Catholic Church in the LaSalle Park neighborhood of Detroit. This structure required a little bit of climbing and short drop down a basement window that was open to gain access into this once beautiful structure that actually hosted Mother Theresa in 1979. We had a bit of a close encounter here with the security guard kind but everything worked out in the end.

The crumbling abandoned beauty of what was St.Agnes form one end to the other.


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