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Fixer Upper

An old abandoned house along the road on a cloudy day always makes for a great photo, especially when the house has a character like this one. Bob Lussier and I stopped by this place on our way into the White Mountains after picking me up from the airport. The area had an old weathered barn as well that was very photogenic. We shot a few shots around both buildings and then met the rest of the NxNW group. We actually stopped by this place a second time with everyone later in the week. I was almost standing on top of the front steps when I shot this, the 11mm had no issues getting all of the crusty goodness of this place in the frame.

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Regional Transit Authority

You never know what you are going to find when exploring old buildings and properties around town. At this location, now demolished, there was a very cool old railroad building with several floors of exploring. Outside the partially fenced area around the building, there were old defunct out of service Canton city buses along the fenceline. Some grown over with weeds and some in the open, made for an interesting scene o say the least. You can see part of the old building behind the bus in the background.

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