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Capitol Ellipse

Capitol Ellipse

The beautiful dome and ellipse of the Texas State Capitol building. Another shot from our morning shooting through a thunderstorm inside the Capitol. 

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Keeping a fishEYE on Dave Wilson

Keeping a ><{{{°> EYE on Dave Wilson

I finally got to make a trip to Austin to see a few people that I have known online for quite some time. Dave Wilson which I have met a number of times with the NxNW crew was kind enough to be the host for the weekend. I also had the pleasure to finally meet Jim Nix, John Rogers, Andy ATMTX, Evan Gearing and Mike Connel. All wonderful photographers and very nice people to hang out with for sure, please check out their work if you haven’t already.

Sunday brought some severe weather to the area, tornado warnings, flash flood warnings, you name it and they were calling for it. We hopped in the car to beat the storm front and went to the State Capitol in downtown Austin. Dave timed it perfectly to get there right as it was opening and right before the rain started. We had a blast shooting all around the place while mother nature was unloading outside. We shot for a few hours and when we emerged the sun was starting to peek out and the worst of the weather was over.

One of Daves first posts from the trip was a fisheye from the Capitol so I thought I would follow up with one myself. If you don’t know Dave he is the one in the middle of the dome standing on the Texas star, my mug is peeking from the top of the frame. Gotta love the fisheye!

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