The Encounter

We were about to end our evening in Grand Teton National Park, at the Mountain View Turnout for Sunset. At the turnout, there is a beautiful view of the Teton Range and you are almost right on top of the mountains, it’s stunning. While waiting for the sun to set Robert Lussier and I had a beer, and Rick Louie started a movie in the truck, Animal House, we all watched from different positions around his Toyota glaring at his cell phone and laughing at Blutarsky. The Clouds were coming in and the sunset opportunity was looking bleak.

When we were about to abort the sunset, a ragged red pickup pulled into the turnout and approached our vehicle, which looked like a father and his younger son. He was friendly and said “If you guys are looking for pictures to take, there is a bear around the corner, a Grizzly” So we went into Chinese fire drill mode, grabbed our cameras and monopods, locking down the vehicle. The guy in the truck said it was right around the corner.

Well, he was wrong on two counts, it was about a quarter to half-mile hike down the road to the bear, (There was a Bear Jam, a traffic jam in the park with Rangers involved due to wildlife that can kill you) and the bear was a Brown Bear, which also can kill you, but regardless, we watched the bear go into the woods. Things got quiet, we lost him. Then BOOM the Brown Bear waltzes out right in front of us across the park road, I was quick to grab some frames, it was a great experience and the adrenaline was flowing, so much so that I hopped out of the car after a Grizzly soon after this experience, and had some wrath from the rangers, but that’s a different story.

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The Encounter