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Waterfront Park

The famous Pineapple Fountain in Waterfront Park, Charleston South Carolina. Life in the Lowcountry is all about slowing down and taking a moment or two to relax, and locals and visitors both agree that Charleston’s Waterfront Park is the perfect venue to stretch out and soak up the scene. With a prime location overlooking Charleston Harbor and the Cooper River, and more than 10 acres of room to roam and relax in Charleston.


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Somewhere Down South

I shot this image a few years ago on one of our trips in the South, I believe we were headed to St. Augustine on our Honeymoon trip after our wedding. This was on a back road, I have no idea where we were at but this long driveway caught my eye when we drove past and I pulled the car over and took some hots with my infrared camera. These have been sitting in my archives for a while and I stumbled upon it the other day while going through files.

For whatever reason, it did not catch my eye when I first shot it but when I looked at this recently I really liked the feel of this one, especially in Black and white. I suspect if I lived down South this is the kind of entrance I would want for our house.


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