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Savannah Icon

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

One of the Savannah Icons located on Lafayette Square in the historic district, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. I have shot this church many times on our trips to the South and never get tired of it. It really is beautiful inside and really hard to get a shot without a bunch of people in the frame as this is a tourist bus and trolley stop every day. I thought I might give it another try with my 11mm lens, even with the super wide lens this place is enormous.

It was always challenging to get a good shot of the outside of this Cathedral due to its location and height but the new lens fixed this issue with very little distortion to correct when it was all said and done.

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Cathedral of St John the Baptist

Cathedral of St John the Baptist

One of the must see tourist stops in Savannah is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, located just adjacent of Lafayette Square it is a popular tourist stop, normally one bus after another unless mass is being held. I have shot this place numerous time and it is very hard to get this place to yourself without a gazillion people walking around shooting with anything and everything that would capture an image. Like I said I have shot this place before, but when your staying virtually across the street from the place it’s hard not to pop in and grab some shots.

I got lucky and caught a fairly quiet time where I could set up the tripod without many people giving me dirty looks, I used the Tilt shift to grab a panoramic view of the beautiful interior, there were a couple people in the pews but for the most part I liked the result. It is quite dark inside if the sun is not out in full strength so a tripod is a must but they are usually pretty good about it, although if it got quite crowded I imagine it could be an issue and they might say something but I never had a problem. These old churches are amazing inside.

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