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Assembly Gone Bad

Kettering High School, once home to the Pioneers in Detroit Michigan was named after Charles Kettering the famous American inventor, and head of research at General Motors. The High School was built in 1964 and in 2010 the school was planning to consolidate with another but that effort failed due to gang tensions between the schools. The doors finally closed in 2012 although our Motown crew found a couple doors still open.

A long time a major population center and site of worldwide automobile manufacturing, Detroit has suffered a long economic decline produced by numerous factors. Like many industrial American cities, Detroit reached its population peak in the 1950 census. The peak population was 1.8 million people. Following suburbanization, industrial restructuring, and loss of jobs in the automotive industry and it’s suppliers, by the 2010 census, the city had less than 40 percent of that number, with just over 700,000 residents. The city has declined in population in each census since 1950.


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Packard Automotive

Detroit Packard Automotive plant 1903-1958

This is probably one of the most surreal places in the Detroit proper, the Packard Automotive facility. The Packard plant was ahead of it’s the time when construction started in 1903, and now the concrete skeletal remains of the 3.5 million square foot facility are the only thing that exists, in neighborhoods that reflect the sad times this city has been through. There is some good news about the facility, it appears it has been bought and a renovation project plan is in the works, hence the 24-7 security. This plant ceased operation before I was born, in 1958, hard to fathom. There were some renters after the closing, but nothing that could bring life back into 3.5 million feet of space.

Our Mistake…not really a mistake, we had two cars and drove by a security car parked at the facility on our way in, we drove blocks away and parked by a business with other vehicles parked, security must have known that trick as we got out of the cars and entered the plant, after 10 minutes in we heard sirens and a PA speaker from a car…reading the cars licence plate, and to inform us they will be towed…..fun over..never got anywhere there. She was a mean security guard and did not care at all that we all were wishing her a happy Easter as she chased us off. But…she could not stop drones from flying, we drove to a cemetery nearby, flew and shot.

This Motel shot was a bonus, me and Bob Lussier went back to fly around the plant the day we all departed, I spotted this old Motel and well, it kinda tells the story of the blight of Detroit and sadly Packard.


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