So just imagine…. “Your own personal travel day”   No waiting in the check in line, you throw your bag on the chute…it drops right down, no worries because it’s the only bag! Then you move on to the security line, you are the only one there as well, you don’t even have to take off your shoes or belt…PERFECT!

The next step is to take the escalators or people movers to Terminal C, where your personal flight takes off!

You have time for coffee! and no lines, maybe a bagel too! Bumping elbows with nobody!  The Holy Grail of travel at O’Hare! This is what it looks like at terminal C-

Your Own Personal Travel Day


Then as your daydream comes to an end you realize your wallet has gone through security faster than your camera bag and belt, and shoes….there are 15 people ahead of you, looking at your wallet that comes through the line first. Then you panic when your camera bag gets stuck and the TSA guy puts the conveyor in reverse to have a second look at your 15 memory cards… the camera bag is stuck..your wallet is free for all at the end of the line…

The harsh reality of travelling, unfortunately.

This shot was taken on my trip back from San Francisco last year, I had a late flight back from Cali and got into O’Hare after midnight, it was a long layover so I made the best of it. I literally had the whole airport to myself, it was very weird, to say the least, and a bit creepy as well. With tripod in hand I set out for a stroll to kill time and some memory card space, no people were removed from this shot…… because there were no people lol. Same with the shots below that I posted a few months back, some call a long layover a pain, I call it opportunity.  There is always a shot to be taken! You can sleep anytime!

Chicago O'Hare, Theaterwiz

Chicago Ohare, Theaterwiz

Chicago O'Hare, Theaterwiz

The winter flew by until about a week ago, then it seems like a dead uninspiring standstill, cannot wait to get out in some fresh air.

Thanks for looking!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Very nice… very, very nice. Love the brilliant colors.

  2. Wow, that’s cool! I thought maybe you used a 10 stop ND to get rid of people int he shot but that would’ve been a long time to stand in the middle of the terminal! Nice to have it all to yourself. I always get nervous about taking photos in airport terminals because I’m afraid TSA will tackle me and then perform an unpleasant cavity search. I guess, after seeing these, I shouldn’t worry about that anymore. Nice work, Mike!

  3. Mike, awesome shots!! Chicago Airport Ghost Town? 2 cool!!

  4. I want every part about your daydream Mike. The only thing you left out were the beautiful stewardess asking if she could carry your bag for you. Super images. Love them.

  5. Super images! Love the colors! Unusual to have the place be that empty.

  6. These are such cool shots Mike. I can’t believe you had the terminal to yourself.

  7. These are some wonderful shots, Mike. My wife and I had an overnight stopover at Miami. The only people we saw were the security guards and someone using a form of zamboni to clean the floors – all rather spooky really. Mind you with all the security guards around I did not dare bring out my camera and tripod!!

  8. Tremendous, Mike. And you are absolutely right – airports are great opportunities for photography. I’m pleasantly surprised that you didn’t run into trouble with security.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous. I would be fun to get “stuck” there for several hours at night. My last visit there was during the day so I had to make the best of people getting into the frame.

  10. These are terrific Mike. A fantastic use of your time suck in the airport.

  11. these are freakin’ sweet dude, nice work!!

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Your Own Personal Travel Day