Ohio Sunset

This is from the archives, ironically enough when I uploaded this yesterday I looked at the EXIF data to find I shot this exactly 2 years ago to the day, right after I just hiked back up there yesterday afternoon, shot February 18, 2011. The sunset was beautiful that evening.

A couple of days ago the Empress saw what she thought was a large dog running down the path in a field behind the house, as it got closer we realized it was a Coyote, a big one too. We have had them here before and I have even been awakened at night with packs howling out the back window, I took a hike up there last night hoping to get a glimpse of the critters but no luck. From what I read they can roam 19 kilometres from their den, so this guy could be anywhere, and it is mating time as well, so I could start hearing little coyote screams soon.

Coyotes roam most everywhere believe it or not, but it’s kinda cool looking out your back window and seeing them.

This was a 3 shot hand-held set of brackets f/4 at 11mm, ISO 100 processed in Photomatix, very little processing as the sky put on quite a colorful show that evening.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping!


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  1. Mike, that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favs!!!!

  2. Stunning Mike.

  3. What a fantastic sky, and to think this is straight from Photomatix! You sure had a great evening for a walk even if you did not come across the critters you were looking for.

  4. Sweet, Mike. I know Landscapes aren’t always your thing, but you do quite well with them.

  5. Just a brilliant sky Mike, and the color contrast with the foreground is well done.

  6. Great composition and that killer sky makes this a fantastic image, man.

  7. What drama in that sky Mike. The fence acts as a perfect leading line to it.

  8. Stunning sky and that fence is a terrific lead in through the image

  9. No kidding, Mike, those are some epic colors there, my friend! Wonderful shot.

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