Whale of a Tail

Whale of a Tail -New England Whale Watch

On our trip last year to New England the empress and I went on a whale watch out of Gloucester. I don’t think it was the perfect time of year for a whale watch but we decided to go regardless. Normally the cruise travels out about 15 nautical miles or so to the Northern tip of the South Essex Ocean Sanctuary, but this voyage was a bit longer as we had to travel about 35 nautical miles to get to any whale action, almost to the Marblehead MA area. The Ocean was remarkably calm, almost eerily calm to be honest. I have never been on the Ocean and had such calm conditions, almost no waves at all aside from the boat wake. That was a good thing because the Empress is not a huge fan of being on a boat on the water.

Whale of a Tail II

We spent about 30-40 minutes chasing a few different species and pods in the Southern sanctuary before heading back on the long cruise home, over 2 hours, but we made it back into Gloucester in time to fill up a growler at Cape Ann Brewing before heading back to Salem.

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  1. Very cool! We did a similar tour in Alaska, but the waves were quite big and my wife was sick the whole time.. 3-4 hours… We don’t do boats anymore.. ;-)

  2. Wonderful captures Mike. I went on a whale watching trip in Maine years ago but unfortunately we didn’t see any. Looks like I’ll have to try again.

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Whale of a Tail