Something Fishy at West Side Market, Cleveland Ohio

Anyone who knows me, knows I like to shoot with a fisheye lens, they are fun, give a whole new perspective on things and they really are just…… fun. I am lucky enough to own one of the coolest made for my Canon body, the 8-15mm, what a beast this lens is. These shots were at the Historic West Side Market in Ohio City, a suburb of Cleveland Ohio. Julie and I made a new tradition 2 years ago, we drive up to Cleveland and have a nice meal at the Great Lakes Brewery on New Years Eve Day, and top it off with a Market Visit and some photos. Last year (2012 New Year’s Eve)  my 5D Mark III was pretty new and tried it out up there for one of my first outings, it was my best selling picture in 2013.

On January 30th 2013, not even a month after our visit a fire caused severe smoke damage when a meat booth caught fire. The result was the market was closed for several weeks for a massive cleanup. The cleanup resulted in a cleaner looking market, years worth of discoloring on the walls and ceiling were now bright again, some liked the new look, some missed the old feel. The shots below are new for this year with the fisheye.

Fishy In Ohio City


This is such a fun place to shoot, cannot wait until next year. I will challenge myself with another lens to get a different perspective, maybe a long zoom for some candid work, or perhaps a macro lens? I guess I have plenty of time to decide that before my next New Years Eve Day excursion.

Fishy in Ohio City


All the shots were 5-7 exposures hand held using the 8-15 L and the 5D Mark III, Photomatix and Lightroom.

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  1. A fish-eye lens was on the top of my wish list this past holiday.
    Apparently I was too wicked to get one from the big fat guy… but I’m gonna get one this year for sure!

    Your work inspires me.

  2. This are just fantastic Mike. Still don’t have the fisheye…still on my wish list. One of these days though :)

  3. Great shots. The first picture is clearer.

  4. Love the fisheye effect, and you’re right. These are a lot of fun to shoot with.
    Great looking shot, Mike.

  5. Good stuff, Mike. Hope you and the Empress enjoyed your New Years festivities.

  6. The vaulted ceilings work really well with the fish; very cool looking place.

  7. What cool shots Mike. I love the fisheye effect and your processing is impeccable.

  8. those are just badass dude, love the edits! nice work!

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Something Fishy at The Market