That’s right please update your browsers and such with my new Blog/Site address if you would, sorry I have been a bad blog visitor lately, lots of time getting this new home ready for traffic. Please take a few minutes and have a look around.  All my prints are  categorized on the gallery page or you can go directly to the drop down list for each category.

For your viewing pleasure today I have the President Garfield Monument and tomb from Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland Ohio. The Empress and I were up in Cleveland a few weeks ago roaming around the cemetery, even though I have photographed this monument before it is hard not to shoot it when you are there, it’s a great location if you are ever around Cleveland.

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  1. This is awesome as usual : )

  2. Site looks great Wiz, but this shot is even better! Awesome perspective and great tones! Congrats dude!

  3. Killer shot Mike! Looks like I could reach into the screen and touch it! The new site looks awesome!

  4. This is awesome Wiz! Looks very refined.. the site that is! Also love the image here. Great com and processing as always…

  5. Outstanding image and processing as always Mike! Love the new site. Keep them coming!

  6. Mike, sweet! shot!!! Gotta love this location! Site looks awesome!! Congrats!!!

  7. Mike awesome shot. I love the new site it looks fabulous. Congratulations.

  8. Congrats on the new digs, Mike!
    Looks awesome man.

    Today’s image is outstanding. Tremendous detail and processing, as always.

  9. Wow, great work! I really, really like this image!

  10. Congrats on the new site, Mike. Looking forward to many wonderful images from you in the time to come. Keep up the good work! John

  11. New site looks awesome man! Congrats!!! Gotta get together soon!

  12. site looks great and crackin’ image my friend!!

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The Garfield Monument at Lake View Cemetery