Weber House IR

The famous Weber House in The Palouse. This was captured as the sun was setting when our group was scattered all along the road setting up for sunset versions of the Weber House. I thought I would grab an IR since the clouds were going a bit crazy, thought it would make for a good IR moment.

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  1. OK – I throw in the towel. This is incredible! Where did that sky come from? I don’t remember seeing those clouds in my IR shots.

    1. Dave, my meta on the file is about 10:17 pm, but I never changed the camera time zone on my IR, the clouds were real, I got a ral good shot of Jacob as well!

  2. This made for a great IR moment. Awesome shot Mike. I love it.

  3. I do remember these clouds, but not getting anything this good with them myself.

  4. Killer shot Mike. One of these days I need to have an IR conversion done.

  5. WOW, that’s unreal, Mike! Great shot, I love the way the IR spectrum renders this scene and those clouds are crazy!!!

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Weber House IR