Weathered- Steamtown USA

Old Rail Car


This is another series from Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton PA. This baby was sitting towards the back, or opposite end of the main yard at Steamtown, just begging to be shot. Nothing like old rusty and crusty railroad cars. I bet this baby has some stories to tell from when it was in service. I am not sure what type of car this was or from what railroad line as there was no information on it posted anywhere.

Old Rail Car II


I am not sure if they were going to restore this old beast or what the exact plan for it was. I believe they acquire and rotate allot of items in and out and send them to other museums as well.


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  1. That poor train has seen better days! Cool Mike! Scranton is on my list of visits one day!

  2. These are fantastic Mike. I love them all but the first one is my favorite.

  3. Man, this is one of the most run-down railcars I’ve seen. Love it! What a nice find. :-)
    Steamtown looks like a great place to visit.

  4. very cool find my friend and I really dig the processing here!

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Weathered- Steamtown USA