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UW View Pano

On the nXnw trip last year to the Palouse the team met up in Seattle before heading east to the Palouse region. Scott Wyden Kivowitz, a good buddy and fellow nXnw explorer had a friend who actually worked at the University of Washington. Our hotel in Seattle was located in the University district across Lake Union near the campus and about a block or so away from the Hotel was a UW office building that Amber worked at. Amber was nice enough to get us access to the top floors of the building before office hours for some great views of the city. Each side of the building provided a different view of the city, unfortunately, it was a bit cloudy for a view of Mt. Rainier but views of the city were great.

Even though we were shooting through glass windows I was still pleased with the shots, a totally different viewpoint of the city. Great office perks to have a view like this every day.

UW View

I cropped the image a couple different ways that I thought looked cool. Such a photogenic city.

Over or Under

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  1. Just plain WOW!!! Awesome shot!

  2. Fantastic, Mike! I’m fairly sure I still have an identical set of brackets hidden away in Lightroom somewhere. Maybe I should break them out and see if I can generate something with them too?

  3. I love skylines and I wish I was with you guys for this one. It is terrific

  4. Awesome views, Mike! Lot’s to see in these photos. Would love to someday get out to Seattle.

  5. That was an awesome morning and awesome day!

  6. super cool Mike, great view and well shot!

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