Urban Blight 

URBAN Blight

URBAN Blight- consisting of the deterioration of part of a town or city due to aging, neglect, and lack of financial support for maintenance or normal upkeep. The sad side of Detroit, even though there has been allot of progress in the city, the Urban Blight is seen throughout almost all the outlying neighborhoods. It is really a sad state of affairs and really hard to explain the situation to people around my area that have never experienced a crisis on such a large scale. 


I tried to capture a few images to describe some of what we saw on our trip, it is really hard to explain and hard to fathom what the people of that city went through. Abandoned neighborhoods, abandoned houses right next to an occupied property.


We saw a lot of properties that were burnt to the ground that were just hollow brick shells that were once expensive houses and prospering business establishments. Now empty, some being raised, some still standing.


Neighborhoods that were once alive, now silent.

URBAN Blight 5

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  1. The scale of all this is amazing. There are plenty of trashed out places around here but not in such density.

  2. You are AMAZING! Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story with us. I learned a lot from this post. hats off for your work . keep it up such an outstanding constructive work for the education.

  3. This is an absulately incriedable pic what you are required . I think this type of picture are best for urban blight . Thanks for sharing this blog .

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Urban Blight