Two Drop's in the Distillery

Two Drop’s in the Distillery – The A  Overholt & Co Distillery

This is one of the bigger drops during our urban exploration of the A Overholt & Co abandoned distillery in Connellsville Pennsylvania with Brad & David Truxell and Brook Ward. This was the third building if I remember right, we had to maneuver up a stairwell or two without steps…fun exploring and balancing with gear for sure, get’s your heart rate up.

The second and third stories had huge holes leading to the first floor, exposing the lighting from the windows on the various floors, making for the moody scene, the huge holes were definitely from mash or liquor tanks that were removed for scrap, but the remaining scenes left in the gutted outbuilding made for some cool compositions using the floor and lighting from Mother Nature.

This was a big room and to me a great scene, thanks to the great Canon 8-15mm!

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  1. Very cool urbex.. Always jealous of these, but my neurosis would make me want a safety harness of some sort at this location… Big holes i. decrepit buildings make me nervous!! Haha! Nice work!

  2. This is a really great shot Mike. Lots of gritty goodness.

  3. This is really great, Mike. I wish I had a fisheye! I went through all of my photos and I didn’t take a single photo of these massive holes! So bummed out…

  4. LOVE this shot, Mike, you’ve really pulled out all the textures and details in the decay with this one! Top drawer, my friend!

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Two Drop’s in The Distillery