Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly

Another shot from inside one of the buildings in the Overholt Distillery complex. Graffiti is an interesting thing, both the art itself and the mysterious people that create the visual murals and renderings in about every conceivable location you could think of, the hydrants standing watch at this door caught my eye. I thought this would be a nice B&W image with the contrast of the dark interior and outside light from the windows. I know, another B&W, I thought it did this scene justice.

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  1. Just wonder what else goes on in those places. I can imagine, but don’t really want to. Nice pic!

  2. Another great one from the distillery. Wish I would have captured this…

  3. Oh man I love this shot. I love the location and the graffiti is fantastic. Beautifully done Mike.

  4. yep that’s really cool Mike and BW looks like the perfect choice here bud!

  5. What a TERRIFIC shot, Mike, I love how the b&w processing you used really brings out all the drama here!!

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Tread Lightly