Heinz Chapel

Shiftin in the Chapel


In the first part of the week I made my way over to Pittsburgh to do some shooting with Rich McPeek and test out a loaner lens from Canon Professional Services, the 17mm Tilt-Shift beast. I only had the lens a few days so I wanted to get to a good location and Pittsburgh is a good one, and there is usually always another photog ready to meet up and shoot as well.

There is definitely a learning curve with this lens but it’s performance capabilities are amazing, tons of possibilities that I barely had time to explore with my short time with this lens. I was not really interested in the (Make things look small and miniature) capabilities (although it is fun), I was more interested in the landscape and architecture capabilities of the lens and this is demonstrated in the Heinz chapel shot above. I am not usually a big fan of stitching or panorama shots, mainly because they take too much time and you need some extra equipment to really eliminate the need for tons of post-work, but with this 17mm baby life is easy!

The first shot is the beautiful interior of the Heinz Chapel, and below is some shifting fun on Mt Washington of the Duquesne Incline.

Tilting on The Hill


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  1. That church image is way to pro level. I’m digging that blend of cold and warm tones. Good stuff all around!

  2. Really fantastic Mike. I agree the church image is outstanding and the second is alot of fun.

  3. Awesome Mike! Love the inside of Heinz Chapel shot! Too cool!

  4. The shot of Heinz Chapel is top notch, Mike. Great contrast in the warm and cool tones and superb detail throughout the image. Like you, I am not a fan of the toy-town look but from your shot of the chapel makes me want to try a tilt and shift and see what I can do with architectural shots as well as panoramas.

  5. Excellent as always Mike!

  6. Impressive that you’re resisting the lure of the focal slice; when I first got my T/S I went a little crazy with it, not so much for miniaturization as for the sort of “dreamscape” look. What it can do with architecture, however, as youve figured out, is the real treat. Great job on the church image.

  7. Awesome shots, Mike! Man, that T/S really does a tremendous job on images.

  8. Awesome shots, Mike, both of them! I really love those incredible details inside the church, absolutely top drawer my friend!

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