Thunder Hole Sunrise

Thunder Hole Sunrise

Thunder Hole at sunrise in Acadia National Park, another beautiful morning and unfortunately our last morning on Mount Desert Island. This time mother nature supplied us with some clouds. Thunder Hole was very quiet while we were shooting. When the right size wave rolls into the naturally formed inlet, a deep thunderous sound emanates. The cause is a small cavern formed low, just beneath the surface of the water. When the wave pulls back just before lunging forward, it dips the water just below the ceiling of the cavern allowing air to enter. When the wave arrives full force, it collides with the air, forcing it out, resulting in a sound like distant thunder. Water may splash into the air as high as 40 feet with a roar. The actual Thunder Hole viewing area was not in this shot but real close.

We must have watched 3 cruise ships heading into Bar Harbor, it was real close to prime leaf peeping season so the small town of Bar Harbor was humming with activity. The shot above you can see a cruise ship on the horizon to the left of the sun coming up. I popped on the 70-200 and got a shot of the Princess Cruise Liner making it’s way to Bar Harbor, the lighting and sunrise made for some cool colors when I zoomed in and cropped this a bit.

3-2015 Princess

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  1. Wow…these are brilliant. I absolutely love the first one.

  2. Sweet. Neat how we both posted photos from that spot this week.

  3. Love the colors here, Mike! That sky is wonderful. Did you use an ND filter?

  4. dude that is some serious color, nice work!!

  5. I love sunset photos. You’re very successful. These are really nice.

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Thunder Hole Sunrise