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The Wheels on the Bus This was another great find spotted at the same location as “Pimp My Ride” . The fence surrounding this old building and Mr Manners Mobile Home was made of these vintage 1970’s city Buses in various states of decay. I could barely get my tripod in between two of these buses to get a good angle for the shot, then I realized I had my fisheye in the bag, problem solved! The combination of the 9 brackets and the wide field of view from the fisheye got me the shot I was looking for.

I recently made the decision to overhaul the website, well actually move to a domain instead of the platform, as many of you know this is a time-consuming process. Hopefully, I can get the nuts and bolts locked down in the next couple of weeks and be ready to go live.  So,  please check back as my blog address and domain will be changing.  I will probably keep both blogs running for a while at least until I am sure everyone is well aware of the change. A couple of things pushed me to go this route, namely some key price increases on some online hosting services, and the ability to have everything in a nice simple site that is easy to manage and navigate, having everything in one place seemed like a good way to go, hopefully, everything works out. Stay tuned!

Also, be on the lookout for another game of HDR Tennis starting soon on Facebook, also the HDR collaboration group has been processing some brackets that should be going live on Mark Garbowski’s blog in the near future so keep an eye out for that as well.

Have a great Wednesday, thanks for Stopping by!

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The Wheels on the Bus
The Wheels on the Bus