The Last Seat in Car 564

Back to the Gettysburg Railroad Cut. This is a shot from inside old Gettysburg Scenic rail lines car left aging on the tracks (number 564). I have shot this before but it really is had to pass up so I had to take some more shots while I was there this trip. It really is a shame that it sits there rotting away as I am sure this was an ornate car back in the day. The cars have not moved, along with a lot of the seats and junk inside since I shot them last time back in 2010 which is really weird. The low afternoon fall sun made the lighting quite a bit different from last time as well.

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  1. Wonderful history. ;)

  2. I like the color version a bit more, but it was worth making and showing both, and definitely worth your return trip.

  3. Fabulous shot Mike. I love them both but the color is just incredible.

  4. I. Love. THIS! Great photograph Mike, I have to admit a small penchant for the color version, but that’s just my taste. What an amazing place, my friend, I’d give my left flipper to visit and shoot it!!!

  5. Very lovely shots, Mike. I like them both but would go with the color version and it’s surreal feel.

  6. I can’t figure out which one I like better Mike. They both convey awesome detail and grit. I’d be proud to hang either one on my wall.

  7. Is there anyway to find directions to this location? I’m have asked several locals and no one seems to know what I’m taking about.

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The Last Seat on 564