The Bridge to Nowhere

 The Fort Duquesne Bridge- The Bridge to Nowhere

Back in Pittsburgh for today’s post, under the Fort Duquesne Bridge, shot last year while walking around the City. This is actually not a bridge to nowhere but more on that in a  bit.  This bridge crosses the Allegheny River to the North Shore, home of Heinz Field(Left)  and PNC Park(right). It was late in the afternoon and the sun was setting, the sunrise and sunset’s in the city are always fun, especially with most of the bridge’s painted gold.

As for the Bridge to Nowhere, it is actually a pretty cool story.  After completion of most of the main span in 1963 the lack of acquiring the right of ways to the North Shore Ramps meant the bridge actually ended in midair. The bridge was dubbed “The Bridge to Nowhere” and remained that way for 6 years until 1969 when the ramps were completed.

But there is more…On Dec. 12, 1964, the University of Pittsburgh student Frederick Williams and his station wagon flew 170 feet in the air off the unfinished ramp and landed near the river bank upside down. He emerged shaken but unhurt. Other drivers had to wait five more years to make the trip. Within a few weeks of this near tragedy, an iconic Pittsburgh radio personality, Rege Cordic, distributed commemorative bumper stickers which read “Official Entry, Cordic & Company Bridge Leap Contest.” With thousands of vehicles bearing these stickers on Pittsburgh’s streets, the city responded by blocking off the end of the bridge with concrete barriers. Ya gotta love stories like that!

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  1. Beautiful lights and colors of the bridge. Long depth of field in the picture.

  2. What a great story and image Mike. The leading lines and processing make this jump off the screen.

  3. Sweet Mike! I miss the Burgh! Hope we can all shoot there again later this year!!

  4. Haha… that’s quite a story, Mike. This image is perfect with both sports venues included in the frame. Nice work, man.

  5. Just happen to come across your site. Some very nice images. Will be interested to hear more about some of your post processing process.

  6. Excellent work as always, Wiz! Great lines and great processing!

  7. wow that’s a beauty my friend, can’t believe a dude fly his station wagon off that thing, crazy!!

  8. This is very impressive! Love all the detail in the bridge. Gorgeous lighting and colours too.

  9. Mike, your processing is second-to-none. Great details that work in terrific harmony with the natural lines of the composition here, I love this!

  10. what a great story.this is very impressive

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The Bridge to Nowhere