The First Gull at Pier 7

Happy Spring, although it does not look or feel like it here.

I am not sure if I arrived at Pier 7 first, or the seagull on the third light post, maybe a tie.  Another early bird shot from San Francisco last year along the Embarcadero, Pier 7 to be exact.

The San Francisco Belle is in the frame far-right and the historic Bay Bridge in the background as well. This was taken the first morning the Bay Bridge was actually shut down for repairs and was creating quite a traffic stir in the city. I love shots like these and could not resist a few brackets before the sun came up.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous Mike. I love the depth of this image.

  2. What a beauty, Mike. The seagull contributes significantly actually. Great depth created by the lights, and the additional interests on the right side are bonuses too. This could hang on my wall quite happily.

  3. Mike, this is a beautiful image. Great early morning scene. I love the lighting and how the pier just pulls you into the frame.

  4. Sweet pre-sunrise tones Wiz! Well done!

  5. nicely done! I have stood in that spot many times, and always enjoy it! can’t wait to get back to SFO soon!

  6. Love this image Mike. Great light and vanishing point. Probably my favorite city in the US.

  7. There’s an interesting tension here. The peir draws your eye to the center distance, but then you notice the ship and bridge off right. Then the pier pulls you back to center, and then you consciously go right again.

  8. This is awesome… I just love vanishing points and you’ve got a fan-flippin-tastic one nailed here, good sir!

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The First at Pier 7