The Fiighting Irish

Tucked away in the woods of the Gettysburg Battlefield stands one of the most famous and well known monuments, it’s also a favorite to most visitors of the battlefield. The Irish Brigade Monument. It stands 19 feet and 6 inches tall with the prominent Celtic Cross perched atop the granite base.  At the foot of the Celtic Cross lies a life-size Irish Wolfhound, a symbol of honor and fidelity. This monument was sculpted by R. O’Donovan, a former Confederate soldier who fought at Gettysburg. The Monument was dedicated July 2, 1888.

This was captured on our trip earlier this month.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, be safe and be happy!

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  1. Fine the sun’s rays, beautiful picture.

  2. Beautiful shot Mike. Have a wonderful holiday.

  3. oh yeah baby, awesome and sharp as a tack!

  4. I just loves me some of that sun flare. Very nice. And the Moab OOB was killer, too.

  5. Absolutely wonderful, Mike, I love the feel that sunburst adds to it, a lively and hopeful feel!

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The Fighting Irish