Beaufort Beauty

I thought a sunny post from Beaufort South Carolina would be a nice change of pace as we hunker down for the last long stretch of winter here in Ohio.  After a week of really freezing temperatures I thought it would be nice to reminisce on our visit to the beautiful little town of Beaufort South Carolina.

It was a short stop for us on our way up to Charleston but what a great place. We will definitely have to visit again and spend some more time in this little gem of a Southern town.  Beaufort is located on Port Royal Island, in the heart of the Sea Islands and Lowcountry. The city is renowned for its scenic location and for maintaining a historic character by preservation of its antebellum architecture.

This is a view from Historic Bay Street, which is lines with great examples of antebellum architecture, with a great view I might add.

3 quick exposures from the 7D, Tripod Mounted F7.1 ISO 100, Photomatix

Thanks for looking!

© 2013 Michael Criswell Photography

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  1. This scene looks sooo inviting Mike. The weather here in CT sounds like what you are experiencing in Ohio.

  2. Wonderful shot, Wiz.
    This is very easy on the eyes and a welcome sight.

    I think the mid-winter blahs are trying to sit in on many, so great choice for today.

  3. Ahhh…beautiful. Given the snow, rain, sleet, fog (you name it we’ve had) this is a beautiful scene to look at. Great job.

  4. Beaufort is one of my wife’s favorite places to go. Camping at Hunting Island is great. Great places to eat, great lighthouse, did I mention great places to eat…. Thanks for your picture, I believe I can make ti through the winter now.

  5. I second Jim’s remarks above. Next time you’re there, go down the road a bit to Hunting Island. Great place to view wildlife, camp, and walk the beach.

    We just love Beaufort.

  6. Terrific shot Wiz! I’m with you, thinking of sunnier warmer days!

  7. How absolutely beautiful Mike! I just love that part of the States, and you’ve really captured it’s essence with this shot.

  8. Glad to see that you all enjoy the beauty of my home. I was born and raised in Beaufort, SC. After I left to attend the University of SC in Columbia, I haven’t been home much since. Since graduating from college, I’ve joined the military, spent time in several countries, and lived in several states. Now, I live in OH, and I was looking for a landscape photo to enlarge and hang on my wall (I sincerely hope you don’t mind Mr. Criswell) as I’m now beginning to appreciate the beauty of the place I call home.

    Fun fact: If I’m right, this location is either across the street from the old courthouse or near the elementary school (the school opened after the Christmas break of 4th grade, and I could walk to school instead of catching the bus).

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The Beauty of Beaufort