I had this post ready to go last Friday, but we had an unscheduled visitor, we were lucky enough to witness our grandson Aiden being brought into the world, yep me and the Empress are Grandparents again, born Friday at 3:30am, quite an experience for me and the family. A first for me, I never experienced anything like that, hearing that baby cry after his first breath was special to say the least. He will always have a sweet seat in our home, a little more comfy than the ones pictured though.

Sweet Seat – One in every House

Sweet Seat

Exploring abandoned defunct locations always leads to some interesting scenes like these, it seems every place has a sweet seat of some kind. The top is from an abandoned house I stopped a fe months ago on a trip up North, how one easy chair is left behind in a house that is being swallowed by two huge trees is beyond me, but it makes for a creepy cool scene, you can see the outside HERE. The bottom scene is from an outbuilding at the abandoned A Overholt Distiller in Connelsville PA, another great place to explore if you happen to be in Pennsylvania.

Sweet Seat II

There is something about exploring these abandoned places, maybe the thought of what the place was like when it was occupied, thinking of all the people who may have traversed through each location, now left abandoned and in decay. All with their own unique character, color and emptiness, perfect subjects to shoot.

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  1. Love the urbex stuff. It’s always compelling to look at and sad at the same time.

  2. I find so much artistic tension in these shots Mike, I really love them both. You’ve done an exemplary job of bringing out all the textures and details, adding a perfect element to these truly alluring scenes!

  3. A very big congratulations to you, and these images are simply magnificent!

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Sweet Seat