Starry Skies – The Weber House

 Starry Skies

Our last night in Palouse was spent at the Weber House, an iconic abandoned house in Palouse that is photographed quite a bit, we were targeting this as a sunset location for the evening. When we arrived it was really strange, allot of people with cameras mingling around. We were worried when the magic light came in for sunset there may be too many people. Pretty much everyone left before the sunset, which was really strange because we got some great color in the sky, those shots will come later.

After the sunset we setup for some light painting and since the moon did not rise for an hour or so we thought we would take a shot at the Milky Way and some stars. I have never done this type of shooting before and some others from the group were new at this as well, what a blast it was, I think we all were surprised at how well our first attempt at this worked out. I was lucky enough to have my shutter open when this meteor fell out of the sky, very cool. I know for sure I will be doing more of this in the future.

Starry Skies II


Some stray flashlight beams made their way into this one and we did have some light pollution but all in all we were all happy NxNW’ers.

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  1. Cool! I’m still disappointed that my shutter closed about a second before that meteor crossed the frame.

  2. Excellent! Always wanted to try that myself! Looking forward to your sunset ones, too!

  3. Love this Wiz, and great timing getting the meteor! Glad those other folks left you guys alone, too! excellent!

  4. that is really good for a first try. Isn’t the night sky amazing. I like the way you didn’t over process the Milky Way. Thanks for all the images you posted of the Palouse, one of my favorite places. I just want to get back there with clouds…….. Fear shot Wiz

  5. Great shot. I was also one of the ones lucky enough to have the shutter open, and I was even far enough away from you to get a slightly different angle. I also did a little light painting on my next exposure with the thought of possibly blending the two images together.

  6. These are great Mike. The first shot is amazing.

  7. Killer shots Mike. Wish I was there with you guys to see it. At least I can see it through your eyes.

  8. Mike – This is really awesome! I’ve always wanted to do something like this. You nailed this one!

  9. I’m still waiting for my redo on the shooting star. Great stuff Mike.

  10. Good Lord, sir, what a pair of mesmerizing shots!!! That old farmhouse exudes artistic tension in every aspect of the term, my friend, and your shots do a perfect job of conveying this feeling.

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Starry Skies