Something Fishy in Cisco

First off thanks for all the comments on my last post, we really appreciated the condolences from everyone. Thanks again!

Now, for the image today we head back to Utah, Cisco to be exact, a great little ghost town on the way to Moab, and one of the NxNW groups first stops. This place is really strange and somewhat hard to describe if you have never experienced anything like it. RV’s left abandoned, vehicles, you name it like the people just walked away.

I thought I would put the Fisheye on and have some fun with the surroundings, the fisheye did a great job of putting the surroundings into perspective (or out of perspective as the case may be) It’s not often you can capture this much-abandoned stuff in one frame, Pickup truck, a fifth wheel RV, 2 abandoned houses, scads of tires and your guess is as good as mine as to the rest of the scattered surroundings. Regardless, this was a very cool place!

Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Nice one, Mike. All that trash and decay was fantastic!

  2. Wow looks like a tornado hit this place ages ago. Very cool find.

  3. “Pretty” place. ;)

  4. Oh I love it when you get Fishy! :) Awesome shot Mike.

  5. Really nice work Mike, hope you and the Empress are doing well.

  6. Love the fisheye effect and the processing is spot on as usual Mike. Now I have the song “Cisco Kid” running through my head.

  7. Love this shot, Mike! You guys are totally lucky I wasn’t there with you, you wouldn’t have had enough crowbars to pry me away from this place. What a great shot, you’ve really captured the gritty goodness of the site here just splendidly!

  8. What a great find and photograph, Mike. Wonderful fish effect!

  9. great idea to use the fisheye here, and what a load of junk! but, you shot it well for sure! :)

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Something Fishy in Cisco