Snake River Magic

One of our evenings in the Grand Tetons National Park we stopped at the Snake River Overlook, hoping for a nice Sunset. The clouds were actually shaping up to be nice with a bit of color. As the Sun was setting it became more apparent we were in for a treat. With every minute that passed the dim colors of the what we thought was going to be another mundane sunset suddenly started to gain momentum and before we knew it we were all standing there in “Sunset Shock”….BOOM. In about a 10-minute span the sky just literally blew up in front of us, it was quite amazing and a magical moment for sure. After a long day with very little sleep, this was the icing on the cake.

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  1. This is killer Mike. The Tetons are not known for sunsets so this is really special.

  2. Stunning. Awesome colors on a magical landscape!

  3. Stunning photographs Michael. Well done.

    Cheers Sharon…

  4. I was literally left breathless. Quite awesome man

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Snake River Magic