Sheldon Church Ruins-Beaufort County South Carolina

Located a few miles outside the Low Country town of beautiful Beaufort South Carolina are the historic ruins of the old Prince William’s Parish Church, the Old Sheldon Church Ruins, Beaufort County.

Sheldon Church


The church was built in the Greek Revival style between 1745 and 1753. Prince William’s was burned by the British in 1779 during the Revolutionary War. In 1826 it was rebuilt. The On site sign reads that it was burned again in 1865 by Sherman during the Civil War, but several web articles refute this claim, even the Wiki article notes-

Contrary to the on site signs based on a letter written by a Yankee, it was not burnt in 1865 by William Tecumseh Sherman.

An alternative view has more recently come to light, however. In a letter dated February 3, 1866, Miton Leverett wrote that “Sheldon Church not burn’t. Just torn up in the inside, but can be repaired.” The inside of the church was apparently gutted to reuse materials to rebuild homes burnt by Sherman’s army.

The ruins lie among majestic oaks and scattered graves and is a real scenic area.

Inside the ruins of the church lies the remains of Colonel William Bull, who “greatly assisted General Oglethorpe in establishing the physical layout of Savannah, Georgia. Bull surveyed the land in 1733 to form the basic grid pattern of the streets and squares.”

Sheldon Church Ruins


Another shot showing the crypts and various gravesites on the property, and the inside of the ruins.

Sheldon Church Ruins II


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  1. Sweet pics Mike! SC has some great spots! Spring is arriving…get your IR camera ready!

  2. Beautiful images Mike. I love the interplay of light and shadows in them.

  3. Nice work as always, Mike! Interesting story and place!

  4. I love all the shadow play here Mike, nice work!

  5. Funny how the source that refutes the Sherman claim blames the existence of that claim on a Yankee. If indeed Sherman was wrongly blamed, tt seems more likely a local would have invented that story. It’s also surprising that something reasonably recent would be so disputed. Anyway, it looks like a fascinating location.

  6. Absolutely wonderful, Mike! I really love your work and have to say this is in my top 5 list of all the posts you’ve published, my friend. What an amazing place! I can feel the rich history of it all from here! I’d pretty much give my left flipper to have a chance to visit in person!

  7. Wow, Mike! What a great historic place. Love those arches and you did a fatastic job capturing these images.

  8. What a great place. Looks almost Greek Temple like.

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Sheldon Church Ruins