School Nurse

A refreshing little Urbex trip over the weekend with some PA photog buddies. Our first stop was the abandoned Muddycreek-Portersville Elementary School. There was not much of anything of interest in this abandoned school except an interesting School Nurse Room that had quite a creepy look to it. Why they would need such a creepy examination chair in an Elementary School is beyond me, and really is kinda creepy when you think about it but it made for a great photo.

It was nice to get out and shoot some urbex with Brad and David Truxell, Brook Ward and Blair Ward, we had a great morning at a couple different spots you will be seeing more of at some point.

Thanks for stopping!

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  1. Dude…The level of detail in this image of such a creepy room is fantastic! Even the door knobs look awesome and converting to black and white really shows it off – good choice!

  2. Hmmm…that is creepy but what a great image.

  3. Having that photo in black and white makes it more creepy. Like in mystery physicians and personnel films. Nice idea that isn’t typical.

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School Nurse