Rockport MA

Rockport MA Catherine and Rebecca

Another stop on the #2014nXnw trip was Rockport Massachusetts, it is a touristy place for sure but well worth a visit if you’re exploring the East coast. The town is full of little shops and just flat out a really cool place with a lot of eye candy. This old lobster or fishing boat definitely had character, the weathered wood, ropes and buckets. I thought this really conveyed a harbor feel. It was a dreary day in Rockport so I thought would finish it up in Silver Efex, been on a black and white fix here lately for whatever reason.

Thanks for stopping! Have a great weekend!


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  1. You’re making me regret not making it that day Mike. Great shot.

  2. Great shot. Probably need to make another trip to Rockport soon.

  3. Stunning clarity, B&W really brings out the gritty textures on the side of the boat.

  4. Love this in B&W. Beautifully shot and processed.

  5. Wish I had made it to Rockport as it is a favorite of mune. Great detail and grit that is amplified by the B&W choice.

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Rockport MA