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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Ohio

Rock and Roll


A few from the archives. I was in Cleveland on a warmer January afternoon grabbing some shots of the stadium back in 2012 and the clouds were really insane that afternoon and really moving fast as well so I put a 10 stop filter on and grabbed some shots around the area. This is the Rock and Roll Hall of fame nestled on the shores of Lake Erie, situated right by the Great Lakes Science Center in Downtown Cleveland. The shot below is the William G Mather, the flagship of the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company now a floating museum and part of the Science Center, this was also taken the same day as the Rock hall shots, 30-second exposures. Always revisit your archives, you never know what may spark your interest when you browse shots from past outings.

Cleveland Cliffs


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  1. Gorgeous long exposures Mike. The top image is my favorite.

  2. nicely done bud! I haven’t been to Cleveland since the late 90’s – maybe someday I will get back and we can meet up!

  3. I am kicking myself for not getting this angle now Mike. Love this especially the B&W.

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