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The trip from Seattle Washington to the Palouse takes about 4.5 hours. Our trip started in the lush Northwest of Seattle, tall mountains covered with evergreen and fir trees, with snow-capped mountains in the distance. As you cross the Columbia River the mountains become almost barren and the terrain becomes dessert looking. Further East the agriculture areas start, you can see for miles on long stretches of road, farmers growing anything you can imagine as far as you could see. We stopped at a pull-off in one of these areas to grab some shots, the sun and clouds made for some great scenes for the group on the way to the Palouse.

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  1. The one thing that surprised me about Washington was how remote it was. I drove from Mt Rainier and actually went through desert. Terrific image with great color and leading lines.

  2. Awesome, Mike! Your desciption of how to get there puts some perspective on it. Never really knew where the Palouse is, and now I know it sounds like quite a trip to get there. Was hoping it was a little closer to Seattle, but that’s ok. Some day!

  3. Gorgeous shot Mike! This has been on my bucket list for awhile. True photographer’s paradise!

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Road to Palouse