Red Rum

I figured it was about time for an Urbex shot, I have a ton in the archives!

This was taken in the same spot as Pimp My Ride was taken, just on the upper floor of the building, I happened to see the tagging above the door and just loved it. It is not often you come across graffiti you can relate too, from an old movie like The Shining.

Keep an eye out for a new Game of HDR Tennis starting soon on Facebook, Edith Itzcovici-Levy shared some great brackets to work on.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. All work and no play makes…a cool HDR!! Cool spot Mike!!!

  2. Great Urbex, Wiz! I’m jealous of those who can find places like this!

  3. Cool urbex Mike. Love the vanishing point and the light coming through the side of the columns.

  4. Great repeating theme with the diminishing doorways down the corridor. The great foreground detail as well as the graffiti make this an overall winner in my book.

  5. Terrific vanishing point. Could this be a reference to the famous Irish horse ‘Red Rum’ who won the world famous Grand National steeplechase a record three times.

  6. Love this Mike. This is my kind of place to shoot. Thanks to for the kind shout out.

  7. Very cool shot Mike. What’s better than an abandoned hallway that seems to go on forever.

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