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Reading 2124 – Steamtown USA

Another historic Locomotive on display at Steamtown USA, a great place if you are into old trains and such. The location is part of The National Park System and is located in downtown Scranton PA. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area. In the summer they have live steam locomotives operating and most of the museum is located outside with displays on live operating tracks, a very cool place to wander and shoot.

Reading Company. #2124 is a 4-8-4, built by Baldwin, Reading Company Shops. January 1947. Some interesting facts-

Cylinders: 27 x 32 Drive Wheels: 70 Weight on Drivers: 278,200

Originally built by Baldwin as a 2-8-0 around 1923- 1925.

Rebuilt by the Reading Company, out shopped in January 1947 as a 4-8-4, class T-l, Northern.

This heavy freight engine pulled long trains of anthracite coal, the Reading’s main cargo. Used in the Reading Company’s “Reading Rambles” excursions. Purchased by Nelson Blount in 1963. One of nine remaining Reading Company locomotives.

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Reading 2124