Preistly People

Priestly People

When exploring the abandoned structures with Brad Truxell in the Larimer neighborhood of Pittsburgh a few months back we came across a second abandoned church. We scouted the area a few minutes for a way inside but could not locate an easy was in. I looked at Brad and he said “This may sound stupid but let’s check the front door” so we did, and walked right in the place. Neither one of us could believe it. Once inside the place was not quite as we envisioned it from the outside, we had a bit of a letdown as it was not very ornate and was pretty much overcome with Pigeon droppings.

Not wanting to wast a good in, we did snap a few shots but it was nowhere near the character of the other buildings we explored earlier, cannot win them all. The name came from the hymn book, “Priestly People” was hymn on the page that was opened.

1-2015 Lets Try The Front Door

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  1. Awesome photos, Mike! It’s funny that you posted yours today because I started editing this exact photo last weekend but didn’t like the way it turned out. I like your version much better!

  2. Wow, amazing photos! I really like the one with the open book…it is such an interesting capture!

  3. Fantastic images Mike. I just love the first one. Great composition and leading lines.

  4. Pigeon droppings aside, I actually think it is rather pretty. Great find.

  5. Lots of urbex goodness Mike. What a unique approach trying the front door…

  6. LOVE the tension in the open book, and the wide angle interior shot really exhibits the space and it’s current condition quite nicely! Great post here, Mike, I really enjoyed it!

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Priestly People