Pimp My Ride II

Hello everyone, I was looking through some URBEX brackets and thought I would offer up a different view of the Pimp My Ride Shot I posted a few days back. I had some correspondence from my first Pimp My Ride Shot that suggested that I placed the car in the photograph, a composite. I never cheat, I found this baby as is. This was a different angle I shot showing the car in the room with me taking the brackets from the back, I reckon the door on the left was how it got in there, who knows when. 


Thanks again!

© 2012 Michael Criswell Photography

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  1. Wow I love this image Mike and I love seeing the before and after screen. No issues with viewing the page did take awhile to load though.

  2. I really like it Mike! I would never doubt that you “don’t cheat.” Well done!

  3. Nice work, Mike. I really like the final result. Good stuff!

  4. THis is crazy good Mike. Amazing processing and result.

  5. Love the processing and the slider showing the before and after is real cool.

  6. What an amazing find, Mike! Great piece you’ve made here featuring this old car. It kind of looks like a classic Triumph Spitfire hardtop to me from here, but I do admit some of the important bits that could help identify it are, well, a little worn shall we say.

  7. Nice complementary angle to the first shot, and how could anyone have ever doubted you? The side to side thing works well, too.

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Pimp My Ride II