Park AvenueThe famous view of Park Avenue Trail located in Arches National Park, Moab Utah.

This was taken last year on our Epic NXNW adventure in Utah. To give you a sense of scale, there are two groups of hikers on the trail to the right of the watermark on the bottom portion of the screen. One of the memorable locations from last years trip.

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  1. Wonderful image Wiz – LOVE that you pointed out the hikers – they’re so small I would have missed them! WOW! Good form mate!

  2. Great formations.

  3. Not exactly the Park Avenue I was thinking of when I saw the title but definitely much mor picturesque. Love it Mike.

  4. Ah, the good old days! I see you are in “pre-trip nostalgia mode” too. I’ll likely be posting some pictures from that trip this week as well.

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Park Avenue Trail