Last weekend I met up with several Pittsburgh Photographers that included Brad Truxell, David Tuxell and Brook Ward, the mission was to explore and shoot the abandoned Overholt & Co. Distillery located in Connelsville Pa. The property did not disappoint, we spent a little over 4 hours exploring and shooting the location, which included several different buildings all with their own unique attributes. I am sure I will share more from this great location in time but I thought I would start with these.

Hooph -The Overholt & Co Distillery

Overholt Distillery Hooph!

I am not sure how people”Tag” what they do, this huge concrete vat was deep enough you would need a ladder to get in or out of it, one of my favorites from the day, with lots more to process.

Overholt Distillery

One of the two largest buildings still standing to explore, some of the stairs were a little shaky but all in all we all managed to get around quite well.

Distillery Dogs

The Distillery Dogs from Left to Right, Brad, David, Brook and myself with some interesting graffiti.

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  1. These are terrific Mike but the first shot is fantastic. Love it!

  2. These came out awesome! I love that fisheye in the first shot. As I type this, I am working on mine and I didn’t even come close to fitting in what you did!

  3. that place is awesome! wow, I would have a field day there! great shots Mike!

  4. I am a descendant of Christian Overholt 1786-1868. My maiden name is Overholt. I absolutely love the photos you took. I am a photographer, as well, and truly appreciate the quality. My sisters and I are planning a trip to Pennsylvania to visit the museum and distillery in June, and I can’t wait!! Thank you, again, for posting these photos.

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Overholt & Co Distillery