Otter Cliffs Glow

 Otter Cliffs Glow Acadia National Park

The iconic Otter Cliffs area of Acadia National Park. This was taken last year with the #nXnw group during a sunrise session. There was not a cloud in the sky that morning so the sunrise was a bit bland but the nice warm glow of the sun kissing the beach and cliffs made for a great scene and peaceful morning for sure.

I wanted to get as much of the shoreline as I could so I used the 24mm and shifted for a wider panoramic view of the area that included the rocky shore. You really had to be careful maneuvering around the beach on these rocks, some areas were slippery and you can easily twist an ankle if you are not careful, especially jockeying a tripod and gear around.

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  1. That was a great morning and it shows in this photo. It takes me back there.

  2. OH I love Otter Cliffs. Beautifully done Mike.

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Otter Cliffs Glow