One Last Recital

One Last Recital

I have received several emails over the past few weeks in regard to my postings and URBEX work at the abandoned Larimer School in Pittsburgh PA.  Apparently they have the place pretty much locked down from what they are telling me, which is a shame because this place was a great shooting location for sure. This is a shot from the main stage in the auditorium of the school, scattered with old pianos that were once alive and playing at assemblies and school functions, now left behind to rot away. Taken on my outing with Brad Truxell last year in PA.

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  1. I’ll bet that was one last recital to remember after looking at this shot! :-) Nice work!

  2. What a great place to shoot some wonderful photos. Nicely done, Mike!
    Shame they have locked this place down.

  3. Wow – that must have been an amazing location to shoot!

  4. This is awesome, Mike. I didn’t get this one… Man, I’ve gotten a ton of emails about getting into this school as well. I never heard any follow-up whether or not they were successful. I’ll have to swing by and check it out sometime to see if these people are missing the “secret” entrance (I.E. The front door, LoL!).

  5. This is really cool Mike. Love the color of the graffiti.

  6. I hate to sound a little negative here, but that piano needs more than a tuning to get it back in shape again. What a GREAT photograph, Mike, I love those textures and details. Your composition is also totally top drawer and as I sit here looking at the image I can almost hear it’s ghostly tune playing in the background here!

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One Last Recital