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The Omni Mount Washington Hotel situated in the mountains of the Presidential Range of New Hampshire. This place is amazing if you have never experienced it, from the serene drive through the mountains your GPS lets you know that you have to be close, and as you pull into Bretton Woods on 302 you are just ripe with anticipation to get a look at this place, where is it? something that big has got to be visible. As you turn the last corner before Mt Washington Hotel Road the stunning scene finally presents itself, this mammoth Historic Hotel perched on the hill with one of the most stunning backdrops a place could have, just amazing. This was the view from above.

As for the shot, this is a 3 image panorama taken with the DJI Drone while flying around during the sunset. I was not expecting much from the actual stills from the drone but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, definitely good enough to experiment with some aerial stills. Being such a tiny camera unit the thing does quite well and opens up a whole new adventure in the air. With the latest firmware, my HD video was also updated along with intelligent flight modes which are super cool.

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  1. Wow! That DJI does nice panos for sure! And this hotel looks kind of like the Stanley Hotel in CO on steroids!

  2. Beautiful place and such a unique persepctive Mike.

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Omni Mount Washington