Motiff #1


Motif #1 on Bradley Wharf, Rockport Massachusetts

Motif #1, known as the most often Painted/Photographed Building in America, located in the great little town of Rockport MA. This was one of our stops on Friday with the NxNW group, Friday was a dreary day as well, especially along the coast. This is a touristy shot that everyone gets, but I figured with the clouds that day I could bring out a little dramatic feel to the shot. Given the fact that is was a dreary day there were not many tourists around either which made it nice. This is a very confined little harbor and during the peak season, I heard the place gets crazy crowded. We were lucky enough to find our first Lobster traps for Justin Balog in Rockport.

The shack was built in the 1840s and became a favorite subject of painters in the area and actually was used as a studio in the 1930s before being told to the town of Rockport. The shack was actually destroyed in the blizzard of 1978 but a replica was constructed the same year, the town continues to preserve its structure and original appearance.

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  1. Mike, nice shot! Always love when Cyan is in the water!! Makes it looks great!!

  2. lovely shot man, just love that pop of red!!

  3. One of my favorite locations! Nice capture. Great mood. Wish I knew you guys were going to be here. I would have loved to have had the chance to join you. Maybe next time!

    1. Sorry John, I forgot you were up there, would have been great seeing you, I am going up there next year with the Empress, in August, maybe then?

  4. This is one of my favorite subjects on the north shore. Beautiful treatment Mike.

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Motif #1