Back to Moab we go today. During what little downtime we had between rising at 4am and hitting the sack at 2am we did have a few hours Saturday after breakfast (and 6 hours of shooting already), the light was harsh for shooting the beauty of the area, so what do a bunch of photo geeks do until sunset time…of course we shop for souvenirs and shoot a huge car show that happened to be in town for the weekend, the cameras didn’t even get downtime this trip. Here are a few of my favorite’s.


“I wish”…for obvious reasons

I wish

“1969 Dodge Coronet Superbee”   No Car Like a Mopar

1969 Coronet Super Bee

“I could’ve had a V-8”  This Hot Rod was crazy cool, details were amazing

I Think I need a V8


Thanks for Looking!




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  1. So that’s what you were doing while I was taking a nap!

    Love these!

  2. Great shots, man. That’s a nice blur in the second shot. Love the set.
    I owned a 70 Superbee back in the day (440 six pack). Wish I still had that beast. :-)

  3. Fantastic shots Mike.
    Maybe you could composite one of the cars beneath Delicate Arch.

  4. OMG these are just great. You never fail to leave me in awe with the way you “see”.

  5. Well done, Mike. I took a bunch of shots at the auto how that day and was generally disappointed in my results so it’s nice to see some strong ones.

  6. Sweet I like the colors of the first car looks fantastic!

  7. These are terrific images Mike. When you think of Moab, cars aren’t the first thing you think of.

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