Mesa Magic

It truly is hard to find words to describe how absolutely cool this trip was, and especially the morning our NXNW crew photographed the famous Mesa Arch Sunrise. This was a really moving experience for me, that is about all I can say….it was truly a special morning. I drained a huge chunk of memory on my card, because this lighting literally changed  by the second and it was impossible not to hit the Promote start button and take bracket after bracket.  I think everyone did the same.

This was truly Gods country and the morning was amazing, this made the trip for me, watching this happen was just awesome!

The processing was pretty simple, ran it through Photomatix and a little bit of touch up, not much more than that, the flare is courtesy of the 16-35L.

Thoughts and prayers out to the Oklahoma storm victims and families

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Mike, that is awesome!! A dream shot!! A super flare!!!!!

  2. Stunning image Wiz, and great emotion in your words!

  3. What an excellent starburst you got! The Nikon 14-24mm may be an amazing lens but I have yet to figure out how to get clean starbursts from it. My Sigma 15mm is very much better for this.

  4. A classic shot of this location Mike. Killer light and capture.

  5. I remember standing there and firing off brackets every 20-30 seconds for a long while. At one point I figured we must be done as there had been so many varieties of great light, but nobody else was moving. Then this happened. Glad I stuck around (as well as everyone else of course). Don’t know if my version will live up to Mike’s great shot here.

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous sun star. Breathtaking place.

  7. Aptly name post Mike because this is truly magical. Outstanding.

  8. That’s absurdly beautiful. Magic is the perfect description.

  9. What a great shot, perfect for HDR! You’ve really brought all the great details out here, my friend, top drawer!!

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Mesa Arch Magic!