Remember the Past, Honor the Fallen and Thank those Serving…

Have a safe and Happy Memorial day

Beaufort National Cemetery, South Carolina

An online friend agreed to send me a couple of brackets he took overseas while serving. I asked if I could process and post them and he was gracious. Gagan Dhiman is currently stationed overseas away from his family Wife and Daughter this Memorial day.  I was supposed to shoot with Gagan in Savannah a while back, but he got stuck with 24-hour guard duty and things fell through.

The internet connection he had only allowed 1 of the brackets to go through, and I have no idea the story behind the shot or who it actually is, but it gives you an idea of what it is like over there. I hope to shake his hand in person someday soon!

Thanks for serving Gagan!


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  1. Well done Wiz! Good form on handling Gagan’s work too!

  2. Wonderful post Mike. You did a wonderful job on Gagan’s image.

  3. Great work Mike!

  4. Great shots, Mike, very poignant. I really enjoyed Gagan’s picture and how you’ve post-processed that one.

  5. Very nice post, Mike. Excellent processing on the brackets from Gagan and we certainly wish him and all who are service, well.

  6. Great shots Wiz! I like the processing on the single bracket shot. Wonderful message too!

  7. Nice work, Mike. I especially like what you have done with Gagan’s shot. Brings out the grit needed to be in the armed forces.

  8. Too often as we go about our daily lives, we forget about the men and women who protect us everyday. The image capture just reminded me of their sacrifices.

  9. Wow! You have done a great processing Wiz. Looking forward to seeing you one day and have the opportunity to shoot with you. Thank you.

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