It feels like a heatwave today in Ohio with a steamy temp of 20 degrees this morning. In light of the warm weather, I thought I would post a shot from a warmer time last year.

I found this guy crawling around outside last fall and decided to grab the macro gear and take a few shots of this wicked mantis. The Mantis was in a tree that had leaves changing colors to a bright red that made for a good background to set off the bright green Mantis visitor.

We just returned from a winter getaway trip to our favorite Southern locations, it was a little cooler than normal but green, bright and sunny none the less with about a 50 degree or more temperature difference. Now I have to get back into the swing of things, so have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Nice macro, Mike! I like the green of the mantis on the red background as well. Worked out nicely!

  2. Superb combination of colors, and very interesting lighting for the macro. Wish I could do that in my garden (which is currently covered in snow.)

  3. Mike,
    Super cool! My macros skills suck…great work!!

  4. Terrific details Mike. That background red really makes him pop.

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