Looking Glass Rock

Looking Glass Rock  – North Carolina Blue Ridge Parkway

Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway is a treat, we hopped on near Asheville North Carolina for a day of exploration. This image is a panorama of the Looking Glass Rock formation along the parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is America’s longest linear Park running 469 miles though 29 Virginia and North Carolina Counties. The Parkway was built to connect Shenandoah National Park to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. You can access the Parkway from several roads in different places along the route, as I mentioned above we hopped on the Parkway in Asheville North Carolina. You can literally spend weeks exploring all the Parkway has to offer along the 469-mile trek through the Blue Ridge mountains. The constantly changing scenes along the route are amazing and I can only imagine the fun it would be living near such a beautiful area with the changing seasons and the constantly changing weather there must always a different scene to shoot.  Asheville is one of our favorite towns and The Parkway running through the town is just a bonus for sure. You can easily see why these mountains got their name of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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  1. Nice! I’ve driven down here before. Stupid me didn’t stop; LoL. Nice clouds and sky, Mike.

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Looking Glass Rock